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Get expert help with Truck Fleet Insurance.

Get expert help with Truck Fleet Insurance.
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We only use the best Truck Fleet Insurance companies (insurers) available to protect your trucks and all of the risks that go along with having them on the road.  

Our target risk is typically, but not limited too For-Hire Transportation policies with an MCS-90 endorsement and the company needing coverage is a large or small fleet that schedules all commercially owned and operated vehicles on the policy, and does not have a history of unlisted vehicles running under their authority.

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Some of our most favorite Truck Fleet Insurance discounts that we try really hard to qualify all of our customer for is as follows,

Business Experience Discount clarification Customers are eligible for our Business Experience Discount (also referred to as Years in Business Discount) if either (1) the business started three or more years prior to policy inception, or (2) the insured has had three years of commercial insurance in that business class. See the examples below for details. Risks eligible for the Business Experience Discount: ・ a sole proprietor that has been operating as a standalone business (managing invoices, hiring people, obtaining insurance, issuing paychecks, etc.) for more than three years ・ a truck driver who has three or more years of experience as an independent owner operator with a CDL- Commercial driver’s license.

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We Make Sure Companies And All Drivers and Commercial Fleets Have The Right Coverage & Price. We have been a leading force in the insurance industry for 35 years and we will be glad to do our best for your company.